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International Aviation Industrial Park bases in Jinan Gaoxin District Mayor met Christina Ng from Aero Plus

Shandong, 5 May 2019

Sun Shutao, the Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee cum Mayor of Jinan, met Christina Ng, CEO of Aero Plus International Holdings Limited (“Aero Plus”) to witness the signing ceremony of “International Aviation Industrial Park Cooperation Agreement”, marking Aero Plus’s inaugural presence in Gaoxin District of Jinan.

Christina Ng, CEO of Aero Plus and Zhang Jinlong, Manager of Gaoxin District were signing the strategic collaboration agreement.

Sun extended his warm welcome to Aero Plus. “With the potential of aviation asset trading market in China, Aero Plus’s profound knowledge and experience in MRO and trading of aircraft components, together with Jinan’s advantages and resources in developing herself as an aviation hub, Aero Plus and Jinan Municipal are determined to make the industry thrive through seamless collaboration,” said Sun. “Aero Plus is optimistic about Jinan’s outlook in aviation industry and set to leverage our own competency and experience to contribute to the industrial chain value being upgraded in China’s aviation sector,” Christina said.

Christina Ng, CEO of Aero Plus and the mayor Sun Shutao were in the meeting.

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