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About Aero Plus

What we do

In May 2018, Aero Plus International Holdings Limited (“Aero Plus”) was founded in Hong Kong, with a mission of becoming a professional and global full aircraft life-cycle service provider and an industry chain solution provider.

Today, Aero Plus has expanded its business in different sector, including Full Aircraft Lifecycle Service, Brand Management Service, and Financial Technology, etc.. Aero Plus has established offices in Hong Kong, Shandong, Shanghai, Ningbo, Singapore and continuing to expand our global presence.

We are committed to staying ahead of the curve, continually adapting, and innovating to meet the evolving needs of our clients.


Full Aircraft Lifecycle Service Provider

The development of China’s first one-stop-services aviation asset trading platform has led Aero Plus to become the leading aviation player in China’s aviation industry.


By building up an “Aviation Asset Trading Platform + Aero Plus International” dual services platform, Aero Plus is able to spectrum the cross-border business networks, service functions and customers’ portfolio to maximize the value creation for airports, airport owners and the neighboring cities.

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Who we serve

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Our clients have a wide range of well-known companies and institutions, coming from a wide range of industries, including national, regional and provincial governments and institutions.


State-owned Enterprises

We help China's large state-owned enterprises, including aviation, high-tech, finance, real estate and agriculture to complete strategic transformations, organizational and management process re-engineering, and preparation for overseas listings.


We have set up a global business roadmap for many SOE customers, including strategic setting, screening of M&A targets and M&A negotiations, and the integration of subsidiaries and parent companies with different corporate cultures after overseas M&A.

customer commitment


Customer Commitment 

Dedicated to helping customers succeed


Put customers’ interest and impact above us

  • All we do is to gravitate at customers’ interest and impact. This is our core evaluation system for measuring the customers’ projects and opportunities.


  • Our evaluation system operates on the basis of the impact of the customer, but not the realization of the revenue goal. We measure performance based only on whether it can bring sustainability impact to our customers.


  • Our principle is to undertake projects only after we determine that they can deliver sustainable results.


  • Our views are objective and independent. We are always outspoken about the truth we observe, even though the truth is not what everyone likes. Therefore, it can provide fair and objective advice and bring influence to customers.


Establish a deep and trust- based relationship during and after the project

  • When the project is in progress and after it is over, we continue to share the knowledge and insights we have and continue to support our customers after the project ends.


Work hand-in-hand with clients to achieve consensus and share responsibility

  • At any time, members of the project team invest only one project at a time to ensure a long-term, trust-based work environment.


  • We work with employees at all levels of the client organization to gain a thorough understanding of the unique culture, capabilities and challenges of the client company.


  • Throughout the project's progress or at the end of the project, we regularly collect feedback from our customers to ensure that the team is functioning smoothly and has extensive experience to share.

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