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Aviation Asset Trading Platform 

Shandong Aero Plus Aviation Service Limited, a subsidiary of Aero Plus, established the first integrated aviation asset exchange center to facilitate cross-border aircraft trading transactions within and outside China.


We rendering one-stop aviation full life-cycle support service and business solution, such as aviation asset trading advisory, aircraft bidding, independent third party aviation asset valuation and various transactional support and financial service contribute to the unique functionality of the aviation trading platform.


  • Professional transaction consulting service

  • Third party independent asset valuation and technical support

  • State-owned aviation asset exchange services

  • Aviation asset management services

  • Aviation finance consulting services

Asset Trading
Resource sharing

Aviation Resources Sharing Platform 

Through the membership services from Aero Plus Members’ Club, we provide various value-added services to aviation practitioners to enhance their customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.


  • Aviation business development service

  • Aviation marketing service

  • Aircraft charter service

  • Provision for co-office spaces and facilities service

  • Aviation corporates’ liaison service

Asset Management

Aviation Asset Management Service

Aero Plus’s asset management team can perform aircraft remarketing, technical management, leasing management and consulting service to cater for the needs of different customers.


Our team comprises experienced aviation experts around the world and knows the market very well.  Our protracted business network and good business performance give us a long-standing reputation in the market.


  • Aircraft remarketing

  • Technical asset management

  • Leasing management

  • Strategic asset management service


Aviation Finance Consulting Service

Aero Plus possesses a comprehensive aviation finance product and financing service platform that provides exclusive tailor-made, innovative financing solution/advisory and structural deals to customers through the financial expertise from our professional aviation platform.


  • Financial arrangement and coordination: Export credit, Sales and leaseback, Debt financing, etc

  • Finance consulting service: New aircraft selection, Aircraft investment analysis, Lessee credit analysis, Risk consulting

  • Corporate finance: Restructuring and investment planning for airlines and leasing companies

finance consulting

Aviation Total Solution Advisory Services

Our team of experts possess diverse background, extensive experience and knowledge in aircraft appraisal, aircraft manufacturing and aircraft financing.


  • Render one-stop, comprehensive and professional service to customers by connecting experts in different fields to cooperate and provide all-round solutions to customers.

  • Advise customers at any point of time during the asset life-cycle from an independent perspective.

D&F dual platform

Dual (China & Hong Kong) Services Platform

”One-stop Aviation Asset Exchange Platform in China + Aero Plus International in Hong Kong” build-up a dual services platform for our global customers to expand their business network, service functions and to increase brand awareness rapidly.


  • Build-up good relations and communications with the China Government.

  • Maximize value creation to airports, airport owners and the neighboring cities.

  • Comprehensive quality professional services to customers by resources sharing between the domestic and foreign services platform.

Image by Ruslan Bardash
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