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Aero Plus and Guotai Leasing signed strategic partnership agreement

Shandong, 18 Sep 2018


Aero Plus International Holdings Limited (“Aero Plus”) and Guotai Leasing Company Limited (“Guotai Leasing”) signed strategic partnership agreement in Jinan, such collaboration will leverage their best capabilities on a mutually beneficial basis.


Guotai Leasing is one of the first batch of mixed reform of central enterprises in Shandong Province, which specializes in finance leasing, project management and business development in areas of infrastructure facilities, industrial plant and machinery and real estate projects.


Aero Plus and Guotai Leasing will endeavor to explore new business opportunities for the entire aviation supply chain in Jinan.

Christina Ng, CEO of Aero Plus, and Yinpeng, Representative of Guotai Leasing, were signing the strategic partnership agreement.

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